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Leafs ditch newest goal song after just One game for shocking reason

The Maple Leafs had been using Hall & Oates "Dreams" as their goal song for a long time. Until they made the surprise announcement just days ago that they will be introducing a brand new goal song for their home games, as well as several other songs rotated for special events such as Original-six rivalries.

And now, the team has reportedly scrapped the main goal song all together.

The Leafs first introduced "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi during their season opener against the Canadiens on Wednesday evening, and it was met with mixed reactions during its debut.

While some fans absolutely loved it right out of the gate.

Others, not so much.

Well, that lasted for one solid game, as the Leafs have now reportedly ditched Pursuit of Happiness.

Leafs ditch Kid Cudi

According to reports, there were several complaints about the song received from fans who find the lyrics to be inappropriate.

There are several references in "Pursuit of Happiness" about intoxicated driving, drugs and more.

Düp Düp is here to stay

Leafs fans heard Düp Düp by Mickie Krause seven times in their 7-4 triumphant victory over the Minnesota Wild, which appears to be a fan favorite thus far. This will be a part of the Leafs music rotation moving forward.

Leafs fans will hear a new goal song when they host the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday evening, for another original six matchup.

Should the Leafs keep "Dreams" by Hall and Oates as their goal song?

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  • No



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