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PK Subban calls out the Edmonton Oilers

Following their 8-1 blowout loss to the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night, the former Norris trophy winning defenseman has called out the Edmonton Oilers.

Former NHL defenseman and current TNT analyst PK Subban has spoken out on X (formerly Twitter) about the Edmonton Oilers embarrassing defeat on opening night.

"Edmonton stinks defensively!"

"Did anyone watch that absolute gongshow last night? The Edmonton Oilers, 8-1, absolutely atrocious" said Subban. "I spoke about it last year in the conference final, that their defense was not where it needed to be. It wasn't a championship defense core."

"Yes they upgraded Mattias Ekholm. Yes he wasn't playing last night. But you know what, everyone else on that D-core has got to take a step forward, including Darnell Nurse who is healthy" Subban adds. "8-1 on the road. You're supposed to be a contending team. Absolutely not good enough".

You can watch the video down below:

This video is directly from PK Subban on X.

This is not the first time Subban has fired shots at the Oilers in 2023. Back in January, Subban called out the team for not signing him, prior to his retirement.

We will see how Edmonton responds when the Canucks visit the Oilers on Saturday night.

We can expect this Oilers team will be more motivated and pumped up in their home opener, and we will see if the Canucks defense can sustain it's initial success early on in this season.

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