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Former teammate shares how the Sedin twins used to cheat during hockey games

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

During their 17-year reign with the Vancouver Canucks, Henrik and Daniel Sedin not only dominated in the NHL, they also pulled off some epic tricks as identical twins.

Hockey Night In Canada broadcaster Kevin Bieksa, a former Vancouver Canucks teammate of the Sedins, revealed on Instagram that during preseason and all-star games, as well as more events, the Sedins would playfully switch jerseys to fool game officials.

If one Sedin brother was kicked out of the faceoff circle, he’d circle around amongst his teammates and then come back to the dot, hoping the official wouldn’t recongize that it was the same brother.

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The Sedins have frequently been mistaken for one another by the officials. Former coach Marc Crawford used to mix the two up, as well as Alain Vigneault and several members of the media.

And, in 2014, during a Canucks match against the Los Angeles Kings, the officials sent Daniel to the box for hooking. However, they confused the two and ultimately sent Henrik to the box. He stayed, amused, and served the two-minute minor penalty.

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In all the seriousness of the NHL, it's great to see players have some fun and show personality during games.

There will never be any NHL players quite like the Sedin twins.



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